Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Visiting

It has been a fun but busy few days with my brother and his family here from Texas. They are on a break from language school where they are learning Spanish as they prepare for a camping ministry in Mexico. They were also here for my niece's graduation from college.

They were a great help to my parents as we are starting to get their house ready to sell. My sister, Janie, flies in this Thursday and we are going to be painting and painting and did I mention painting? :)

Doesn't my Mama look great? She is coming along so well. We are still praying that she can heal even more so that she doesn't have to stay on the feeding tube. She has a swallow test on Thursday so please pray for that!

Thanks Paul, Roxanne and kids for all you did while you were here!!


Tracy said...

Your Mom looks awesome!!

Unknown said...

I was going to say that!!

Your mom looks SUPER Awesome.

Denise said...

She looks lovely!!!!!

mshel333 said...

Ditto! All of you look happy!

Unknown said...

Now I'm seeing color in her face. She really looks good. Hug her for me, please.

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