Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reasons Why This is a HAPPY Mother's Day!

MY MOM!!! A home health nurse came by and went over everything with us and she kept looking through the records and looking at my Mom and repeated, "You are just a MIRACLE!" We know it is amazing that my Mom is still alive, and we are so grateful that, for some or maybe many, reasons, the Lord spared her. This is the best Mother's Day gift! The fact that she is HOME for Mother's Day is the icing on the cake! The prayers are that her throat can heal so she can EAT some of that cake! :)

My Dad is an expert on the feeding tube already, and I am an expert on her meds, so we are working it all out - and I am thankful that they live close so I can "buzz over" quickly.

Another reason this is a good Mother's Day is that we have our kids, Philippe and Patricia. We of course are so excited to get word from China about Olivia, but having our Haitian kids' pictures and knowing they know about us has made us feel more positive and hopeful, so this Mother's Day is happier for me than the past two were.
The last reason is that I was brought yummy tea in bed in a new mug from hubby. It is red with black polka dots and has a ladybug teabag holder (in the Chinese adoption community, ladybugs are a sign of "good luck").

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, but especially my fellow adopting moms whose arms are empty today. Hugs to all if I could!!


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amy said...

what a wonderful day, have a great one!

Vivian M said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tracy said...

Happy Mother's Day (a little late)...

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