Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend Update

I just spent the most wonderful weekend with my BFF (for those living under a rock, that's Best Friend Forever). Jenny, my niece, came over at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon with her kids and left tonight at about 7:30. Lee was out of town on Saturday for the 10,000 Lakes Division Barbershop competition where his chorus, The Great Northern Union, took the division championship! Jenny's husband, Matt, was also out of town. Jenny helped me clean my house which was a wonderful gift. Visiting my Mama so much and then being sick myself the past two weeks, my house has been very neglected. There were dust bunnies that could have passed for full-fledged critters!

This afternoon we picked up my Mama from the hospital and we went to the Goodwill and a garage sale. Yes! That is her standing on her own and walking around!! She is really improving but we still need her to get her swallowing mechanism working better. Isaac fell asleep in the car on the way so he finished his nap in the cart! :)

After we dropped my Mom off, we went back to our house for dinner. The girls had a great time playing outside. They love to follow Abby around the yard, and the feeling is mutual. They all three get along really well! (June got a little too excited and was relegated to her "room". Come on, is anyone surprised?)

Isaac got a little lawnmower at the garage sale and I took a little video of that, but for some reason it won't upload. Will post later. This is another video I took of Uncle Lee tickling Isaac and Isaac signing "more". It was the perfect ending for the day.


Jinglebritches said...

So good to see your Mama up and about!!! Sorry to hear you were sick. Would love to see you soon.

Love you to pieces!!

Denise said...


Denise said...


Jenny said...

OH my goodness, I just wrote a post that umm... mirrors yours. Complete with the same pictures and everything. I haven't posted it yet. Too funny.

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