Thursday, May 01, 2008

Foody Friday - Desserts!!

Here we go - Foody Friday! Yes, I did say that I am not a very good cook, but folks, I sure can LAYER! Here is one of my staples for any party. Easy Peasy. ALWAYS a hit. I love it when I go up to get my dish at the end of a party and mine is the only one scraped clean.

The TRIFLE. You can buy a trifle dish at Target, Linens and Things, etc. You can't go wrong. I will start with the Triple Berry Trifle.
You can use pound cake or angel food cake. I always use angel food cake and just rip it all up into chunks.

Use whatever berries you want. In the winter, I use a couple of packages of frozen berries - strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. In the summer, I use fresh berries.

You can make some fancy custard if you like more work, but what I do is buy cool whip and a container of pre-made vanilla pudding. I mix the two together. People have asked me for the recipe of my "custard" - haha.

Layer all of these ingredients - cake, puddin', berries; cake, puddin', berries. If I have it, I drizzle strawberry extract on the cake layers before putting the puddin' on. That is it. Save some of the puddin' mix for and some of your prettiest berries for the top. If you have mint in your garden, throw some of that on the top, too. Hey, I can't cook, but I can embellish! If you buy the angel food cake already made at the store this is even easier to make and if you forgot you had to bring something to that potluck, this throws together really fast, too.

Ok, now on to the Oreo Chocolate Trifle. A different kind of YUM.
Make a chocolate cake. If you like mocha flavored stuff, replace the water in the cake with coffee. You can also drizzle coffee on the cake a little, too. Or don't.

After the cake has cooled, rip it all up.

So this is how hard this one is. Cake, chocolate puddin', cool whip, crushed Oreo cookies; cake, chocolate puddin', cool whip, crushed Oreo cookies, etc. (or really, whatever order you like). If you don't have cool whip it is just as good without, but I think it is prettier with it in there. Save some of the Oreo crumble for the top. You can replace Oreo with Heath toffee chips (sold like chocolate chips now), peanut butter cups, or whatever floats your boat!

Yum! Yum! Enjoy!


Jenny said...


Vivian M said...

That sounds easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Jackie said...

Delicious! Trifles are definitely my go-to dessert when I need to put something together at the last minute. They are so yummy and pretty, and like you said.....people scrape the bowl clean! I'll definitely be trying your custard recipe! ;)

Vivian M said...

Update: I made this dessert this weekend and it was a hit! And YUM!

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