Thursday, May 08, 2008

Free at LAST!

Both my parents have faced such challenges these days!! My Dad just finished with radiation for prostate cancer, and my Mom, well, YOU KNOW!! It has been exactly TWO MONTHS since she started getting sick. But she got to GO HOME today!! I waited to blog until it actually happened just in case! Here she is with her nurses, aides and doc. I just had to focus on her face here, though! Doesn't she look so happy!? I love her cheesy grin!
Tonight we went on a walk - I was SO excited to do that - and what gorgeous weather we had. We stopped next door to see her favorite neighbors, Sharon and Todd. Hi guys!! We love you! Sharon and Todd have been so good to my folks over the years and they are just GREAT neighbors. They were so happy to see Mom! Sharon kept jumping up and down and clapping! :O)
Mama is still improving so much, but unfortunately she still can't swallow properly and is stuck with a feeding tube and ice chips. They sent her home with about 4,000 prescriptions, so I was glad I paid attention a little bit in school so I could sort it all out (with the help of Lee and my Dad). Add to that sorting the generic names with the real names, etc, and I felt a little bug-eyed there for a smidge! All the meds have to be crushed and given in water through the feeding tube so we are getting quite skilled in nursing!! Whew! We got all the meds ready to go for my Dad to administer in the morning so he should be good. I will be going back over there for a while in the evenings (when the feeding starts and meds are administered) until the routine is down! I would rather go there than any hospital!!

THANK YOU again for all the prayers, cards, calls, emails, hugs and lovin'. We all appreciate it so much! Please continue praying for this last hurdle! SWALLOWING! And how about none of y'all take that for granted today!? How often do you thank the Lord that you can SWALLOW? Actually, stick your tongue between your lips and see if you can still swallow! That is one of her homework assignments. I could hardly do it at first, but now, no problem! She will still have out-patient therapy for her throat four times a week. We trust and pray that she will improve so that she doesn't have to remain on a feeding tube for life. GOD BLESS!


Jenny said...

Yeehaw. Pure and simple :) Love you.

Unknown said...


So happy to read this. Way to go Dawm's MOM - woohoo!

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Vivian M said...

What a wonderful gift, just in time for Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom!

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