Sunday, January 25, 2009

China Adoption Update

Well, bamboozled again. Last week the Rumor Queen said that there was a rumor that the CCAA was possibly going to get well into March and we might even get a referral THIS MONTH! Then, referrals come out and the CCAA only got through TWO DAYS of matches. They are now through March 2, 2006. If they continue at this pace, then we might not get Olivia's referral until May. After nearly 3.5 years since we started this process, what is another few months, right?

From our agency:
We are excited to announce that we received 8 healthy female referrals today! Families receiving referrals were logged into the China Center of AdoptionAffairs on March 1, 2006. (group 250). We also received a referralfor a family who was expedited due to Chinese heritage.
These little girls are currently located in the Jiangxi Province and range in age from 12-16 months old. Please join us in congratulating these families, and in praying for them as they prepare to travel.

Our LID is 3-13-06. Our group number with our agency is 252. Olivia and our final journey to her is on the horizon, but until then the rollercoaster ride continues!


Greg's Wife said...

Uuuuuuuugh! I'm sorry, but I just wanna kick something! I hate seeing you guys go through so much pain and disappointment.

But I know the Lord hears our prayers and that He is with you in this, so I'll just keep praying for mercy and good news! I wish I could give you a big ol' hug!

Tracy said...

Wow, Dawn! What a rollercoaster ride it is! I follow Rumor Queen, as we were in the China program before switching to Haiti (I long wait to another.)

I hope you get your referral next round...that would be the best!

Kathy said...

Ugh. Hope the call comes soon!!

Mom 2 six said...

I hope it speeds up !

Lena Wright said...

It is a roller coaster, isn't it?

Will pray.....

Dan and Karen Herman said...

Oh Dawn, I so know how you feel! I just ache for you and totally understand what you are going through - especially when we missed the cutoff last June by one day.

All I can tell you, and it didn't help when I was going through the wait, but it is worth it in the end!

Sending you hugs.


Tracy said...

That picture looks way more fun than the actual rollercoaster ride of adoption is, as you know ;)

Well, if I had to put money on it today - I would say a May referral for you - but very much hoping and praying for April!! Either way, it's so close you can almost taste it!

Chris said...

So sorry they did not make it any further! We definitely understand the heartbreak at only two days of referrals. So close, but yet so far. Praying that things pick up and you get your referral before May!


Katy said... sorry. I can't wait to see that baby's photo..

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