Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adoption News and Mama Update

Haitian News: The orphanage is still in lockdown and no one can come in or go out. Here is the update we received this morning from our contacts in the states and in Haiti:

    The children are safe and well fed. They are having trouble getting the water truck in to wash clothes, flush toilets, bathe, etc. The same staff have been there for two days straight now. Nannies cannot come to the orphanage due to the violence and those at the orphanage cannot leave. Teachers cannot come in. There is a nurse on staff, but no one else can get there. The older children are helping to fill in the gaps helping with the babies and toddlers. They don't really understand what's happening outside the walls.
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    Port-au-Prince is very bad now because of the violence. People are demonstrating against the high prices of life now. They destroyed in the same time many good things like businesses, cars, gas station, private houses and some people got killed. We have impression there is a group that is profiting the situation to damage the government reputation. We need more prayers so that Lord can restore the order in the city.

    We are doing good at the orphanage. Our concerns are the fact that cars cannot really be outside. We need water to operate. I pray the Lord will do something very quick. No government offices worked today and yesterday.


Chinese News: Click here for an article on the delays. We are trusting the Lord for the timing on the arrival of all three of our children, but please wait patiently with us as it will most likely be 2009 before we know anything. Our paperwork was logged into China's system March 13, 2006.


American News: My Mama is continually improving and gaining strength and energy. Today is April 10th and she was admitted to the hospital on March 10th. Of course we continue to lift her up that she will get stronger. Another, more specific prayer is that her vocal chords will heal completely and that she will be able to go back to regular food soon.


Jenny said...

Go pick up your brother. :) Love you!

Jinglebritches said...

Love you to pieces.....and praying!

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