Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"No News is Good News"

Not much to report today, which is fine with me! Mama has always said, "No news is good news". My niece Jenny brought her three kids by and we wheeled Mom down to the gift shop. I bought my mom a nice sweatshirt even though she said it was too expensive (no) and I said, "Mama! We almost lost you! I will buy you whatever you want!!!"

We also hung out in the lobby for a bit, where they have a player piano and a fireplace. Here is Lee "playing" the piano, and the rest of us cracking up in the background. Ok, so we are easily entertained!! Mom always enjoys seeing the kids and they get really excited about coming to see Great-Gramma.


mshel333 said...

Awww...glad to see everyone able to enjoy a lighter moment! Love to all.

Jenny said...

Still cracking up like an idiot.

Jenny said...

Me, that is.

Jinglebritches said...

I love hearing "no news"!! I also loved hearing your laugh....I've missed it.

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