Friday, April 04, 2008

Comfort Food (Foody Friday!)

Well, Mom sure is a fighter! God has blessed us so much. She is amazingly healthy considering all she has faced and she is getting stronger. She still needs prayer for more physical strength but also for her emotional health as it is so hard for her to be away from home.

We have been watching Wheel of Fortune with her at the hospital and the other night Lee and I couldn't solve the puzzle, but Mom got it right away. She was laying there and I actually thought she was asleep and all of a sudden she raises her hand in the air and says the answer! If you are local and a friend of my mom's, visitors are welcome! Just email me and I will let you know how to find her!

Ok, so on to my titled subject. After all, it is Foody Friday. I don't really understand why "comfort food" works so well. Usually cheese is a comfort food for me. Pizza. Lasagna. That kind of thing. Not sure why, but ever since this crisis began, Pops. I never eat Corn Pops. We NEVER buy Corn Pops! But at the beginning of all this Lee was heading to the grocery store. He said, "Do you want anything?" and without hesitation I said, "CORN POPS!!"
So I will not confess to how many boxes of said cereal I have gone through since March 10, but this morning I didn't have them!! We were OUT! So off to SuperTarget I went. I went on my way home from the hospital so that I could have them for tomorrow morning. So. Tired. Ok. Cereal aisle. HOLD UP. No Corn Pops. Nothing else looks good. What is is with these Corn Pops?? So I stare. Willing them to appear. Nothing. In frustration I sigh and spin around to leave and see...hmmm... what is this? Do I dare? It is a MASSIVE bag. Would they taste the same? Can I store this thing? Sorry, Kelloggs. I am off to buy a 35 oz. bag (yes, over 2 lbs!) of Malt O Meal Brand
I will be sure to let you know if the Minnesota-based Malt-O-Meal brand tastes as good and provides the same level of comfort! This is exciting stuff, folks! Stay Tuned!

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Jenny said...

Ooh... Corn Pops!!! Comfort food. Oh yes. mmmmm.... do let us know if Corn Bursts are the same.

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