Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Updates Again

March 13 marked 27 months since our LID - log in date. (China entered our paperwork into their system on 3-13-06.) The CCAA processed 10 days of paperwork this past month which is a far cry from the 30 days they used to do, but an improvement over the 2-3 days they had been doing most recently. If they keep this pace, we MAY get Olivia's referral in '08. Umm, we're ready.
I have not been as good at marking the details of the "Paper Chase" of Patricia and Philippe as I was with Olivia because of all the Mama Drama, but wanted to catch you up on a few things. One is that I had forgotten to get the MN documents state certified. I had already gotten the state certifications for our birth certificates from CO and LA, and my employee letter from MI, though. Got that step taken care of and now a copy of our dossier is in CA getting translated into French Creole. As far as I understand it, once we get that back, we send it to our agency, who sends it to Haiti, and then our (hopefully not...) two year countdown begins. Please pray for our kids. While they wait to come to a home they know very little about. Please pray for us as we want them home before 2010!! Please pray for the government of Haiti - in upheaval - to improve. Please pray for all the adopting families and waiting children. And for all the kids without families. Please boycott UNICEF or at least read this article from NEWSWEEK decide for yourself.

Praise God, Mama's feeding tube is OUT!! She is done with all her therapies, and they move into their new townhome on the 20th. WOW.
Also, here was the forecast I saw today on my computer this morning:

This is the weather we DID have:

So glad the meteorologists got that one wrong. Hello to our dear friend, Fred, who is a meteorologist and who I am SURE called this one better than the rest! :) Hi Rico! Hugs to you and Jinglebritches!


mshel333 said...

Reading your adoption updates has rekindled our excitement over bringing your first little one home. Here's hoping the second and third will not be a 2-year wait! Regarding your desktop weather forecast, after a beautiful day here in Cold Spring, last night a very nasty system passed right over our heads! Practically blew me off the porch, after I finally got the front door open! (I know, I know, but I had to save my newly purchased plants.) Large, ice cold raindrops and very high winds. The warning sirens sounded just after I came back inside. Kinda scary since we have no basement to run to!

Tracy said...

Great re-cap - yes, it would be amazing if you could get Olivia in 2008 and the rest of your kids home by 2010! I will say some prayers for you that it happens!

And yeah - fully agree on UNICEF.

Kathy Cassel said...

Let's hope that things speed up on all fronts. I wish Haiti did it like China so that when you were approved you got your child and off you went. We are finally out of ibesr so basically approved. Why all the other mess???When we adopted Jeff it was all said and done in under a year. He came home about six weeks after we got out of ibesr.

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