Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday!

The most WONDERFUL news!! We are FINALLY done with all the projects at the parental units' former home. It is ready to LIST! We are SO excited! I also got to eat at one of my fav-o restaurants, PF Changs, with my co-worker and boss, courtesy of Entertainment since our books are going to print. After, we stopped at a store and I tried something on. In a COMMUNAL changing area. Huh? What's that? Oh. My. Gosh. TP!! haha!! Sorry if this is too much info, but my Mama always taught me to put TP on the seat. Apparently, a piece made it's way into the back of my pants. Gratefully, my shirt was long enough to cover said piece of TP. My co-worker, Shawn (a female), said, "I have never seen that in real life!!" And along with me, was laughing! I thought after Turdy Tuesday that y'all would get a kick out of this! Hopefully Thursday will be Thankful Thursday - with no bird poop, TP or other bizarre surprise!


Jenny said...

Yippee! Yahoooooooooooo!

Nice. TP.

At least you didn't have to speak with a british accent while explaining your dilemma. :oP

Vivian M said...

I once walked out of a restroom with the TP stuck to my shoe, no idea how it got there.
Have a great Thursday!

Denise said...

hmmmmmmm lunch? i actually had lunch at the same place on wednesday...i love that place too!

tp :) that's a funny story too!!!

love ya!

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