Sunday, June 29, 2008


This picture does not do it justice! I just about dropped what I had in my hand and I think I repeated, "Lee!" over and over until he came in to see what was going on! This picture was taken through the glass window in our kitchen and the deer was standing in our garden, sticking his tongue in our birdfeeder! The three of us stared at each other for quite some time. She was beautiful.
Lee was able to get the door open and was excited to try to get a "better picture". This is how it turned out! We just laughed!I hear people complain about the bunnies and deer in their yards but it doesn't bother me. After 12 and a half years living in Minneapolis, I like the wildlife visiting our yard. (Although I am glad that the woodpecker moved on after a few weeks of 5:00 am wake up calls! And DON'T get me started on squirrels!)

See, Josiah, we shoot deer a little differently in the city...


Dan & Karen Herman said...

Hi Dawn,

So good to see you at REI yesterday and also glad to see you out and about, I know you've been so busy.

I have to ask you after looking at your parents photo on the your dad by chance Kyle Wilson from Northwestern College?? If not, he sure looks like him! Dan and I are both NWC grads!!

Hope you take some time to relax and take care of yourself! I "calculated" your referral date on my super duper spreadsheet, I'mm guessing March 2009...or sooner!
Karen & Dan

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful picture, and an amazing sight!

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