Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Fun!!

We got together with some of my cousins on Sunday and wouldn't ya know that the ones visiting from Washington D.C. left before we talked about getting a picture!! Stink!!

Here I am with the hotties

My cousin, Pete, goofing around


Today we had dinner over at my folks' house and Jenny made the dinner. She might have to put this recipe on for Foody Friday, it was so good! July has the most birthdays for our family. My brother-in-law who lives in CA also has a July birthday and Philippe's is the same day. In the picture below is Matt, Ava, Me, Lee and Corene - pictured in the order of our b-days, all exactly a week apart except Ava, who slipped in the middle there. When Philippe comes home, he will be between Matt and Ava! :) Today just happened to be mine! I don't really want any more birthdays without my kiddos home, so let's get GOING!!!

The girls going through their loot

Visiting at my parents' new place. My brother and his wife flew in from San Diego last night, so that was another reason for today's get together.

**SIGH** Good times, good times.


Vivian M said...

Happy birthday to everyone - especially you!!!

Jenny said...

Good times!



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