Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We Went Up Nort!

In case you aren't a Minnesotan, that is not a typo. Wit' all the Scandi-hoovian influences around here, people say, "up nort". Lee and I drove up to the north shore for a few days of R & R.

Here is Junie, all raring to go!
Abby's excited, too!
Got some landscaping ideas on the way...
Here we are!!
Back to the basics...no TV, no phones, no fax and no computers!
Chef Shelton at his best!
The view... from the rocker...
Where we enjoyed drinking coffee and readingOur cabin was near the Cross River, which flows into Lake Superior
The view from our cabin...gorgeous!
Our version of the Olympic Torch!
The girls were so good!! At the top...
of Gooseberry Falls
... and at the bottom
Our picnic site...
and the approximate 30 foot drop in front of us
On the way home. SO. TIRED. Poor girls!


Tracy said...

It looks like a fabulously relaxing trip. Good for you. And that deer picture you posted in the previous post is way cool!

mshel333 said...

I love it! My dream home. That rocking chair looks so inviting. What a view! I know you really enjoyed yourselves.

Jinglebritches said...

Can I go next time?????????????????

Jenny said...

How you like yo Chaco?

It look like fun.

(You must read this post with an accent for it to make sense)

Vivian M said...

I love that last picture! And that drop, scary!
What a lovely way to spend time up Nort!

AmyO said...

What a beautiful place! Someday I'd like to go to a place like that. Growing up each of my grandparents had cabins & I miss not having those to go to now.

Dawn S. said...

Jenny, I actually read it with an accent before reading that I was supposed to! Haha!

Christy said...

I'll have to show this to the boys. They are fascinated with Lake Superior and want to visit the next time we are in Minnesota.

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