Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On a More Sobering Note...

Some of you may have seen the story on Nightline last night about Haitian children being sold into slavery. ABC investigative reporter Dan Harris traveled to Haiti and within 10 hours of leaving New York was able to make a deal to purchase a young girl for $150.

You can watch the video online and read a more detailed report here.


Vivian M said...

I hope you can bring your children home soon, so they can be home, where they belong!

Shawnda said...

Oh that makes my heart sick....ache.....Oh Lord, protect these children!!

Greg's Wife said...

Hey guys, That report was pretty awful, but there is a bit more to the story... (not that the real story of domestic slavery is much better than the international slavery story, but it's something of a comfort to know it's not quite as easy as Dateline made it appear for someone in the states to "purchase" a Haitian child in this manner.) After you read this post you will want to put the whole blog in your feed reader as it is one of the best and most reliable sources (from what I have seen) for updates and info on Haitian adoptions in general. I hope you find it useful!

Cara G

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