Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yo. Check it out.

Here's another fundraiser that you are going to LOVE. My friend Tiffany makes these beautiful bracelets and she offered to donate one for a raffle.

Here's a description from Tiffany's website, Legacy Bracelets:

    Intended to be more than a beautiful piece of jewelry, each bracelet celebrates family and friendships. They are crafted to be worn either design side out or inverted to display your pictures.

I promise you that you will get compliments and questions about this bracelet everywhere you go!

What a great way to always have pictures of your kids so you're never caught without the opportunity to show off! :) Also a great gift idea. I don't know a mom or grandma who wouldn't love this bracelet!

Here's the way it's going to work:
    $5 for 1 entry (1 chance to win)
    $20 for 5 entries (5 chances to win)
    $50 for 12 entries (12 chances to win)
You can purchase your raffle entries via Paypal using the "ChipIn" button on the right-hand side of the blog. Please leave a comment if you've purchased raffle entries and let us know how many you purchased.

The drawing will take place on Sunday, July 26 August 31.

The winner will be able to choose any design, any Bible verse or phrase (as long as there is space for it to fit), even Chinese characters, and pictures for a custom-made bracelet!

Look through the website for more details and to see all the available patterns!

Retail value is $50, so this is a great opportunity. Hope you win!


tiffany said...

looks great! i hope lots of people enter.....AND i can't wait to make you one soon!

Dan and Karen said...

I entered!!! I get 12 entries!!! :-)))

Tiffany, I met you a few years ago at the Bethlehem Craft Show, your booth was kitty corner across from my friend Dixie Steele's booth...I still have my order form from that my "treasures" folder for when I want to order...just deciding on photos now that we have our precious baby!


Tracy said...

I can vouch for how awesome the bracelets are - we had one made for my Mom for Mother's Day of all her grandkids, and it is beautiful - and she treasures it and wears it every day!

Ginger Truitt said...

What a unique bracelet! Hope I win! I have twelve entries.

jennifer flynn said...

Wow, so cool. I purchased 5 entries. Pick me, pick me.. =)
You have been on my mind so much.
Love ya,

CG said...

I have one entry. I wish we could do more, but, ya' know- living the student life! Love you guys!

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