Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Niece and Nephew Moments...

My sister's oldest son, Elliot, got engaged! Here he is proposing to Grace.

...and here is the happy (musical) couple at the (musical) proposal site!

Here is another story:

The weekend of September 19-21 Lee and I had my great-nieces and great-nephew over for the weekend to give Jenny some time to recover from minor surgery. We had a GREAT time with the kids. Here they are having breakfast:

After a bath:

Playing outside:

Ava trying on one of the tutus I made:

And another tutu:

Corene got a haircut from my friend Sindy:

And so did Isaac...

Here is his "I'm not amused" face:

We went to Miss Charlotte's birthday party:

Here is Charlotte with the tutu I made for her:


Uncle Lee playing with the kiddos (on left)

Next story:

A few weeks ago Matt and Jenny had us over for dinner. I was holding Isaac. I asked for a kiss and he came at me with his mouth kinda open so I said, "Isaac, look at my lips. Do it like this" and here is what he did:

Then this:

When he gave me a "puckered" kiss I said, "Ooh, I love it!" and he kissed me again. I said,
"I just love it!" and he did it again! This went on for a few more "I love its" and a few more kisses. It was so funny and sweet. Matt walked by and said that it was going to be on me that Isaac learned this! What are great-aunties for? Love on him, pinch his cheeks, kiss him and spoil him! :) I love this kid!
After the kids went to bed, Matt, Jenny, Lee
and I all played Uno Attack.

Here is Matt after getting "attacked" with cards (again!):

And here is Jenny after moving her headband to be a "hippie headband" I obliged her and didn't post the picture of her doing the peace sign :) I love you Miss Jenny!!

We had a great time!! And the ribs for din-din and creme brulee' for dessert were fab!


Unknown said...

love the stories and the pics!! Sweet!

Jennifer said...

Wish I were there. =) I am in heart. xoxo

Tracy said...

Congrats on their engagament! And Charlotte finally tried on the tu-tu and loves it :) I do, too.

mshel333 said...

Lots of fun! I really like Corene's haircut too. I wanna play Uno.

Vivian M said...

What fun, I want to come over to your house! Besides, I need a haircut, lol.

redmaryjanes said...

What a wonderful blog! I hope that your children are home soon :)

Jenny said...

You take the best pictures of my children. Seriously. I want to steal every picture.

I love you!

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