Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Ok, so dining on Kentucky Fried Chicken is not your typical way to celebrate Easter -- certainly not the way the Wilson family usually celebrates it -- but with Mama still in ICU, this was what we had today! Here we are with my nephew, Matt, his wife (and one of my best friends), Jenny, and their kids, Corene, Ava and Isaac, and Jenny's mom (and my fake auntie), Bev.

Later, my Dad, my sister Jill and her family came to the hospital to visit Grandma. We also celebrated my nephew's 11th birthday in the waiting room. We had a nice visit.

Mom weaned for 2.5 hours this morning and 4 hours this evening, so we are feeling optimistic. We still want/need to hear the doctors say that she is progressing! That will be a great comfort. Hopefully after the great job she has done this weekend we will hear that soon!


amy said...

What wonderful pictures. Glad you had a good time and still praying for your family

Jenna said...

tears. i love you, wilsons! you have taken us in for thanksgiving and new years, and i'm quite sure you would have adopted us in the icu waiting room had we needed some kfc lovin!!

Our Family Adventure said...

Hi Dawn, It's wonderful to see a family really pulling together and supporting each other. Why not a family dinner at the KFC! You are an awesome family...praying...Terry

Jenny said...

I want the pic of the girls and grandpa. I love it. Even though we both know they were being stinkers during that picture :)

There's just somethin' about them with him that melts my little haaaaht.

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you here in Iowa, Dawn!!
Lisa W., your DTC sister

Tracy said...

I agree - you all pulled together to support each other and have a nice family Easter. So glad to hear that your Mom seems to be improving, slowly but surely.


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