Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still in ICU, Still in Critical Condition

The reason I haven't posted yet is that there really is no change--there are very minor improvements at a very slow pace. They were able to take her off the second blood pressure medication, so that is good. They tried to take her off the ventilator and had to put her back on after about 30 minutes. I just can't rest easy until she is out of critical. The farthest I have gone from the hospital is 15 minutes away, because I want to get back if I have to, but mostly I have just been here. I love her doctor, most of the nurses and I love this hospital! It is so nice and they did a great job making certain areas comfortable. The ICU waiting room is, dare I say, almost cozy. ALMOST.

I thought I should instill a smidge of humor into your day. My mom has always used humor to get through life and no matter what you are going through you have to chuckle here and there. I mostly have been chuckling at myself for the dumb stuff I am saying and doing. I haven't been working much, but did go to an appointment I had with the Timberwolves today, our NBA team. I pulled into my parking spot and went to my appointment. When I got back I noticed that I had put my hospital parking permit in the dashboard of my car. In downtown Minneapolis. I have concluded that I am slightly delirious. I can't finish a sentence and I tend to stop in the middle of a sentence and stare and ask whoever I was talking to, "What was I saying?"

More updates as soon as I get some news.
Oh, and today it has been TWO years since we have been logged in to China's system. Yippee.


Jinglebritches said...

Still praying here, and loving you. Call if you want some company.

Tracy said...

Your parents are so cute - your Mom has an absolutely beautiful smile. I am glad to hear that there have been minor improvements, and I hope and pray those become major improvements very soon.


P.S. Happy 2 year LID-aversary. Hopefully not many more months!

Spirit of Adoption said...

We were just praying for your precious mom this morning (me and the kids). Jason is actually IN mpls right now - he's in a wedding tomorrow (Blake Wahlberg).

Will continue to pray!!! Your mom is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Please tell her I said so!

I can't believe it's been 2 yrs! We were praying for Patricia this morning too!!!! Any news on travel dates??

Dan and Karen said...

Dawn, thanks for posting the photo, it gives us a "face" to go with the person we are sending so many prayers for. Your parents look very familiar to me for some reason, I'll have to ask you more sometime when I see you.

Know you continue to be in our daily prayers, thoughts and well wishes.

Congrats on 2 years LID, you are on the short side of the wait now.

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