Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hard Day!!

Oh WOW - I don't even know how I made it through today. One of the ICU docs came in and pulled the rug out from underneath us! She said we "need to talk as a family and decide how far we want to go with this". I will spare you what she said for the most part, but she said, "I don't mean to be Dr. Doom and Gloom," three times. After the third time I said, "Well, you kind of are!" It was surreal. She said she wanted to be "Dr. Realistic". I thought of a few other words. Sorry! :P My dad and I talked with her oncologist, who is giving us a much more positive outlook.

The next step for dear mama is a tracheostomy so that she doesn't have to have the ventilator going all the way down her throat and risk permanent damage to her vocal chords. She will also have a feeding tube put into her stomach instead of a going down through her nose. These are surgical procedures, so please remember her and the doctors in your prayers.

This evening she did a great job weaning off the vent (94 minutes). Please pray for continued STRENGTH and healing.

By the way, after a 50 degree day and the snow almost all gone, I woke up to this:

Then, I decided it would be a good idea to take a hot bath and luckily, even without my glasses, saw THIS swimming by my feet:

I could have taken these as signs that it was going to be a bad day, but my mama raised me to be positive and look at life with a glass half full perspective. She also raised me to pray and trust the Lord for a brighter day.


Jenna said...

Hey Dawn,
I finally found your blog through Jenny's. I'm so sorry for this day. We'll pray for you and your Mama and Dad and everybody. Love you, friend. Hang in there.

Kelli said...

Keeping you & your family in my thoughts. Sounds like there is some positive improvements in your mom, please tell her many people have her in their hearts and wish her well again soon.

Katy said...

I'm so sorry for your rough day, Dawn. I'm praying with each day she shows renewed strength, and that the doctors are more sensitive to your family.

Jinglebritches said...

Still praying and sending cyber hugs your way. Praying for God to strengthen you too, Honey Bun!!

Ruth said...


We've been away from computer for several days but we've been praying! Thanks for the updates. Sounds like there are some improvements. Keep persevering. God is good.

Denise said...

HI Dawn,

I'm thinking of you and your family during this difficult time!

Denise R.

Deb B said...

Hi Dawn,

I just decided to check your blog to see if you had made another entry. Sorry to hear that the one doctor was so negative. Sometimes they can be without really being sensitive to the situation. Sorry to hear that your mom is still in ICU. We are praying for you all during the LYDIA Fund Meeting on Monday night. You guys were sorely missed.
What was that bug in the photo? How gross! Yet your mom was right to teach you to think of the positive and not the negative. Your mom is great.
Deb B

Tracy said...

Oh wow. That does sound like such a hard day. So glad the other doctor was more optimistic. Dr. Realistic needs some bedside manner instructions.

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