Monday, March 17, 2008

Improving...Slowly but Surely

We got a positive report that Mom is improving. She was off the ventilator for an hour yesterday - a major improvement over the 10 minutes each from Friday and Saturday. They took her off sedation at 10:00 a.m. yesterday and so she was more responsive, but overnight she was a bit restless, so they are going to give a bit of sedation (a different kind than before). She is still in critical condition. Will post again soon.


Jinglebritches said...

Hey, Sweetie! We are still praying here. If you are over this way stop in for a hug or two.

Love you

Barb P. said...

Thanks for the are all in our prayers! HUGS

Tracy said...

Glad to hear that there has been slight improvement, Dawn.


Unknown said...

We continue to think of you and your mom. Hugs from Nicole, Mark and Ava Larson!

Terry said...

Thanks for the update. Praying... Terry

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