Friday, March 28, 2008

Mom's in Rehab!

Mom is all settled into her new rehab hospital! She was transported by ambulance yesterday. Matt and Jenny (my nephew and his wife, my bff) stopped by tonight with the kids. Corene was excited that Great-Grandma was better and thought it must be because they prayed for her. Undoubtedly!! Thank you to everyone who prayed. We are still amazed that Mom is doing so well and she is amazed that she was so sick. She said, "I almost went to Heaven" and we said we were so glad that she didn't!

She is able to speak with a special valve that attaches to the trach and she is breathing on her own now for most of the day. Her voice is very raspy but what a comfort to hear her at all! The average stay at this hospital for rehab is 25 days but we are hoping that it won't be that long for Mom.
The good news is that her oncologist says no more chemo, so we need to pray that the cancer STAYS AWAY since they are not able to detect any right now. (Hallelujah!) I am so glad Mom doesn't have to have any more chemo, but I am sad that I won't see my nurse buddies in the cancer care wing anymore! From left to right is my Mom and Dad's oncologist, Dr. M., and nurses Kym, Paula, Heather and Karen. They are holding the goodie basket we got them as a "thank you". My Dad has completed his second week of radiation - "only" 25 more sessions to go!

People keep asking how I am doing. I feel like my Mom! Like I can finally take a deep breath! My house is a disaster, so maybe I will get around to cleaning it. Maybe. I have missed a lot of work and have a massive sales goal I would LOVE to acheive, since the bonus I would receive would help us with our adoption fees. I am trying not to be too stressed out! Just doing what I have been doing all along since this crisis began. Praying, doing the best I can and taking one day at a time!


Unknown said...

so thankful for this news!

mshel333 said...

It is amazing to see how much progress Pauline has made this past week! The Lord has truly answered prayer. We are thankful, too, for the wonderful caregivers she has had and for the grace given to the family during this extremely trying time. We love all of you!

Denise said...


Tracy said...

Thanks so much for sharing those pictures. It looks like you had some very friendly nurses and staff to help get you all through this hard time, but yes - so thankful that your Mom doesn't need any more chemo.


Anonymous said...

I am thanking the Lord for such good news!! God is so gracious and powerful.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I am so glad you informed me of what is going on with your mom. Good to see the pictures. Keep me posted.
Give my love to your parents and the whole family.

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