Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Wow, I was too nervous to post yesterday, for fear that she might just be having a "good" day, but it seems that Mom has had what they call here in ICU a "turn-around day". She wants to go home and is smiling and alert. She is discovering how long she has been here and how very sick she was - and she can't believe it. She still can't talk because of the trach - they are doing some speech therapy today and she can whisper right now with a special valve on the trach tube. She weaned off the vent for 11 hours yesterday - makes me chuckle now that I was excited about 35 minutes last week!!

I am amazed that this is the same woman - I am thanking and praising God for answering our prayers and the prayers of so many - we have heard from friends and relatives all over the country who are praying for her! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
Please pray now for her to continue to gain strength and to have patience as she is not headed home like she wants, but to a rehab hospital, to wean her more off the vent and to help her re-gain physical strength. They are thinking she will be transferred as early as tomorrow! Wow.


Spirit of Adoption said...

AMEN! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! We are rejoicing with you!!!!!

Unknown said...

Im so happy! YEah GOd

Denise said...

THANK GOD!!!! I'm so happy to hear your Mom is doing so much better!! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God We will continue to pray!


Tracy said...

I have chills! I had a good feeling before I came into your blog today. Wow - so, so thankful that she is doing so well.


Yes, and we will contonue to keep her in our prayers.



Unknown said...

FANTASTIC!! I'm so happy for all of you. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on the therapy.


Ruth said...

Cool!!!!!!!!!! God is soooooo good.
Still praying,
The Riecks

AmyO said...

Awesome news about your mom! Best wishes on her continuing to get strong so she can go home :)

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