Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Night Update

For Lee and I, our quality time lately has been at the hospital. For the past 20 days, a date consists of a movie on my laptop in Mom's room or dinner in the cafeteria. We'll take it, though! We are so grateful that she has come so far.

I became good friends with a woman named Lois in the ICU waiting room. She and I came there on the same day, because our family members were admitted on the same day. For Lois it was her husband. Lois and her daughter and I and other family members of theirs spent countless hours there in the ICU for about a week and a half. Then Lois lost her dear husband. I was with her when she found out. It was awful. I know my Mom has a journey ahead of her, but we have to be grateful for the journey, because it means we still have her with us. Lois called me today. She is so sad. They were married for 48 years. Please pray for her as she grieves and heals.

Mom has been off the ventilator since Friday night, so that is a great improvement. We are still praying that she will have physical strength and peace and patience.


Unknown said...

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Spirit of Adoption said...

wow....I can't imagine. Thankful you were there to comfort Lois.

Praying for ya'll!

Katy said...

Praying for Lois as she grieves, and thanking God that your mother is doing so well.

Tracy said...

poor Lois :( But I am glad you have been there for her.

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