Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ovarian Cancer Walk

Saturday was the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance SILENT NO MORE walk.

It was borderline chilly out there as the rain fell. It stopped about half way through, and after we all got to our cars it started back up and never stopped. Even rained all day today, too!

Mama couldn't walk that distance so she got to ride :) Well, Isaac did, too!

The color used for Ovarian Cancer Awareness is Teal. The survivors wore teal shirts. They handed out teal bandanas. Even the port-a-pottys were teal!
We had a great time, in spite of the rain! Thanks to everyone who sponsored us!
Sadly, our friend Amy, lost her mother to ovarian cancer just last week.

This is Team Flossie, an impressive group! Family, friends and numerous co-workers of Flossie turned out to walk in honor and in memory of Flossie. We continue to pray for Amy and her family at this very difficult time.


Bill and Christina said...

Way to go guys! What a great cause and you did it in the rain no less. What troopers.

AmyO said...

Thank you so much Dawn for your kind words. It was great seeing you on Saturday!

Tracy said...

I saw Amy's pictures on her blog, and I somehow missed yours on here. It looks like a great turn-out, and how great for you and Amy and everyone to walk for your Mom's courageous fights. I wish we would have been in town. I would have even enjoyed walking in the rain!

Jennifer said...

Do you have until the end of the year to receive donations? My world got a little crazy and I intended to contibute in Mama's name.. xo Send me the link.. Love, Jennifer

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