Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vacation, Days 3 and 4 - Phoenix


Ok, so it was HOOOOOOOT in Phoenix (still not as hot as Lake Havasu City, but...) I understand it is monsoon season. At a party the last night here the host was imploring us not to judge Phoenix this time of year. It could have been me all the many times I have tried to tell people not to judge Minnesota only on the cold weather! I guess we all get used to whatever we get used to! Imagine our kids coming from Haiti - they don't even know what SOCKS are!!

We spent both afternoons in Phoenix the only way we see fit when it is that hot. In the POOL! Here is Lee with his nephews Roy and Jake and niece Audrey.

Here is sweet little Lydia.

Of course the brainiac here (ME!) never got a "normal" picture of everyone, but that is Lee's sister Christy there on the right. Christy - if you email me a good picture of y'all, I promise to post it!

We stayed at our friend John's house. Lee dubbed it the "Rausch Ranch" since it felt more like a B & B! He was a great host, but we expect nothing less from a boy raised in Minnesota (defector!)

His guest room had a full size bed, so John was gracious enough to give up his master bedroom. We felt guilty about it. Not really. Ok, for about a minute. Isn't it lovely? He is an interior designer, folks. It's just not fair.

I did John a favor and didn't post the goofy picture I took of him at dinner, but here is the one he took of us. I mostly wanted one of us to send in Patricia and Philippe's next letter.

As with most Bed and Breakfasts, they serve a nice breakfast. The Rausch Ranch was no exception. John was an excellent cook. Hmm...good guy...good house...good decorating...good cook...Johnny - time to find a woman who appreciates all of that!! Ladies? Know anyone in the Phoenix area? :)

On our way back out to swim with Christy and the kids, we stopped by to see some dear friends of the family, Ted and Carol. Carol said she met my parents when she was 13! My dad was their youth pastor in Michigan, then they both went to Northwestern College in MN (where my parents went and met each other and Lee and went and met), then when we lived in San Diego, they did, too, and I have fond memories of playing over at their house with my best bud, their son Mark. We used to play Batman and Robin, Bionic Man and Bionic Woman, but my favorite was when I got to be Wonder Woman so I could spin around. A true child of the 70's!

John invited us to a barbeque and we met a new Flip Flop Friend! Her name is Nichole, and she is a good friend of his.

More pics coming soon you lucky people, you!


mshel333 said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing them...you know we could hardly wait to see them. So glad you got to go on the trip. Looks like Christy's kids really enjoyed having you there! The pool must have felt good in that hot weather. Also love the "B&B." :) Keep posting! Love you.

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited to see where else you went on your trip.. =) And where you plan to go next.. lol.. We are in Yreka Cal and will do some extra trips in Oregon, before arriving in WA on Thursday late late.. You are in deeeeeeeeep REM right now.. Talk/text with you tomorrow/later.. xo Jenn

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Glad to see that you are all having fun... as for the heat of the desert... I love it... (well, at least the fact that it is dry heat - wouldn't say I 'adore it') though I have never been to Pheonix... I have felt the heat of the desert out that way... whhhhhh - drink plenty of water...

Jenna said...

definitely if i'm patricia and phillipe and i saw that picture of you two, I'd be thrilled. you are a cute couple! for realzy.

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed having you both here at the ranch. you were the perfect "inn-mates". you kept to yourselves and kept quiet after lights-out. miss you guys. JR

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